Powder Coating

Typical Powder Coat Applications:

  • Anything metal – ferrous or non-ferrous, that can withstand our cure temperature of 350˚f
  • Manufactured metal parts – (sheet metal, wire, die castings, metal stampings, forged steel, extrusions…)
  • Railing – gates, railing, storm doors, window guards
  • Automotive – wheels, frames, sand rails, and any other parts that do not see a temperature above 200˚f
  • Motorcycle/ATV/Bicycles – frames, swing arms, a-arms, wheels
  • Point of purchase – displays, racks, signs, store fronts
  • Marine – aluminum hulls, boat trailers, trim, brass
  • Furniture – interior, exterior, patio
  • Garden – trellises, arbors, lawn mower decks
  • Fitness – stair steppers, benches, universal weight machines, treadmills

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Capabilities & Equipment:

  • Part sizes up to 30′ long x 9.5′ wide x 9.0′ tall (larger parts may be accommodated)
  • 4 powder booths
  • 3 Nordson Versa Coat Powder Modules
  • 6 JBI Powder Modules
  • 2 Batch Ovens 20′ x 6′ x 7′
  • 1 Batch Oven 30′ x 10′ x 9.5′
  • 1 Automated Spindle Coating System
  • 1 Pollution Control Burn-Off Oven (stripping)
  • 2 RoHS compliant pretreatment lines that have won BEST awards for sustainability and efficiency
  • 9 Stage Steel Pretreat Line – iron phosphate (RoHS Compliant)
  • 11 Stage Aluminum Pretreat Line – phosphate or chromate (RoHS Compliant)
  • 36,000 Square Feet Warehouse
  • Full Service In-House Sandblasting
  • Light Manufacturing and related services
  • Pick-Up and Delivery in the Tri-County Area (Portland, OR)
  • Computer Scheduling

Key Benefits:

  • Durable – Powder coatings are among the most durable coatings available today.
  • High Quality – Our powder coaters are trained and tested in the classroom.
  • Cost Effective – The over spray can be reclaimed, and electrostatic application makes for a more efficient and sustainable process.
  • Environmentally Safe – No solvents, No catalysts, No hazardous waste, RoHS Compliant.
  • Variety – Over 400 different finishes are in stock at Portland Powder Coating.
  • Full Time Quality Assurance Manager


In house sandblasting and stripping

We offer full service in-house sandblasting and burn-off stripping.


  • Large Blast Room – Our sandblast room is 30′ long by 12′ wide. From boat trailers to small parts we can blast it all.
  • State of the Art Blast System – 1200 lb. self recovering pressurized blast system and operators outfitted with air conditioned, oxygen supplied blast suits, allow our blasters to work continuously in a safe and comfortable manner, so that they can concentrate on producing high quality workmanship.
  • Quick Turn-Around – We blast and coat 18 hours a day to serve our customers most urgent needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Clean Metal – Once your product has been processed through our sandblast system you can be assured that only clean metal will be left on the surface. This is also an optimal surface finish to accept powder coating.
  • In-House – Because the work is performed in-house we have control over the lead time, quality standard, as well as the option of integrating the process with powder coating to insure a long lasting finish.
  • Finishers Mentality – As a metal finisher we are sensitive to the cosmetic requirements of abrasive blast media. We know what it takes to clean the metal without overly blasting the surface.
  • Environmentally Sound – Our state of the art sand recovery system ensures the most efficient use of our media to minimize waste and consequently reduce environmental impact. Our burn-off oven incinerates paint and other coatings including powder in a manner that has very little exhaust.
  • Pick-up and Delivery

We offer pick-up and delivery services to the Portland/Vancouver area.